Friday, March 22, 2013

Social Profit Agencies Vital to Economy: Donate Today

Did you know that social profit agencies are a vital part of our economy? 

According to new studiessocial profit agencies not only do good for their respective communities, but they also provide many jobs and economic activity. According to Learning To Give, 1.2 million organizations are registered with the IRS as nonprofit organizations and those organizations in America represent 6.2% of the nation's economy.

Social profit agencies exist for a few purposes. We are here not to make money to please stockholders, but to help people for the greater good. Organizations like us exist to provide people with a service they may not normally be able to receive, to promote initiatives that may otherwise not be noticed by the public due to funding or not be able to garner enough support, and creating a community atmosphere.

Did you know? (from

The study also found that nonprofits:
  • Account for 4.5 percent of gross domestic product in 15 countries studied if both paid work and volunteer time are counted.
  • Received more of their revenue from fees for services (43 percent) than from governments (32 percent) and private donations (23 percent).
  • Account for more than 11 percent of the total work force in two countries, Belgium and Israel.
  • Contributed the greatest share of economic activity in Canada and Israel.

How can you make a difference? 

By placing a donation with Preferred Family Healthcare there are a number of opportunities that will be enhanced by your donation. Your donation could aid in the materials and instruction for those that participate in the A.R.T.C program, which provides substance-abusing adolescents the opportunity to tap into creative talents and convey emotions through the arts. There are a number of areas you donation could aid in the assistance of those in need. The potential is endless and we appreciate your assistance in helping us achieve the goals of Preferred Family Healthcare.

Make your donation today!

-Maxwell Law

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