Thursday, January 3, 2013

Achieving Recovery Through Creativity

A.R.T.C. began as a program to provide substance-abusing adolescents the opportunity to tap into creative talents and convey emotions through the arts. Having experienced great success providing this service to our adolescent substance abuse consumers, PFH has begun implementing A.R.T.C. within select adult substance abuse treatment programs, and recently initiating an independent A.R.T.C. program funded by the Franklin County Children and Families Community Resource Board and being provided to high risk youth in Franklin County in Missouri. 

Using a variety of artistic mediums, A.R.T.C. participants learn to lower their defenses and express feelings without the use of mood-altering substances, and in doing so, discover parts of their selves that were otherwise hidden by a multitude of negative coping strategies and life circumstances. Participants further explore feelings and expand communication skills by discussing their completed projects in group and individual counseling settings. As their strengths and talents are validated by others, the participants experience an increase in confidence and self-worth. 

A.R.T.C. uses visual arts, music, and creative writing to encourage the expression of difficult emotions and provide consumers with an opportunity to explore activities that can serve as a means of healthy recreation as they strive to remain drug-free, let go of high risk behaviors and cope with difficult situations. Currently A.R.T.C. is offered within 15 PFH programs that serve youth and families across the state of Missouri and Kansas.

Despite our growth, we are far from reaching our goal. Our mission is to be a more centralized component of our comprehensive treatment programs and to continue to offer A.R.T.C. to large consumer bases.Our goals include acquisition of additional musical equipment and instruments, photography equipment, and videography equipment. The remarkable impact of creative expression on the consumers with whom we work becomes more evident every day.

It is the aim of Preferred Family Healthcare, Inc. to always think outside of the box and consistently strive to provide the highest quality care to our consumers through the most innovative means possible.

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