Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Team of Concern: Reducing Use

It doesn’t have to be addiction, it can be that first time experiment, the choice you make to do what your friends are doing, getting behind the wheel when you know you shouldn’t, and bringing the past into your future…it doesn’t have to be addiction.

The use of alcohol or other drugs is far reaching, affecting most everyone at some point in their life, Preferred Family Healthcare’s Team of Concern is an early intervention, prevention education program aimed at reducing the number of youth who decide to use. 

Through engaging presentations, utilization of a multitude of art medium and individualized interventions we can create an environment that allows youth to make healthier choices. 

Team of Concerns prevention education programs are school based, the intervention component happens in schools, the home and community where or youth live.  

If you are concerned that someone you know maybe at risk to choose alcohol or other drugs contact us at the location nearest you or refer something by calling 636-946-6376 ext. 123.

Some at-risk behaviors and signs can be…
  •  Use of cigarettes
  • Absences from school
  • Drop in academic performance
  •  Isolation or withdrawal
-Jean Sokora

About the author: Jean sokora is School Teams Liaison for Preferred Family Healthcare.

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