Friday, January 11, 2013

Make A New Years Resolution: Quit Smoking.

Thinking about quitting smoking in 2013? PFH’s Online, Off-Tobacco program can help. Thanks to funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health, Preferred is offering online tobacco cessation classes to anyone within the colored area on the map (view map for list of counties served).

Within just 7 weeks you will gain valuable insight on your smoking habits and triggers, create a quit plan tailored to your needs, learn to cope with urges and gain tips on nutrition, physical activity and stress management. Included with the program is a free participant workbook, $50 worth of nicotine replacement therapy or $25 gift card to any sporting goods store of your choice and guidance from a trained facilitator.

The virtual tobacco cessation program “Online Off Tobacco" is a truly innovative tobacco cessation service. This service recognizes the need for cessation services and is bringing classes to you through a virtual world.  PFH uses a 'private island' in Jibe to hold American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking sessions online. These sessions are one and a half hours a week for eight weeks. The island also features a library of information on remaining smoke-free.

Businesses, institutions and communities have already gone or are moving in the direction of becoming tobacco free, and tobacco users are surrounded by reasons to quit using and could greatly benefit from tobacco cessation services. Why not try it out for yourself?

The admission process is quick - you can simply e-mail or call the PFH Tobacco Cessation Coordinator to request admission ( or call 660.665.1962. Within 24 hours, the Coordinator sends an enrollment form to be completed and returned. The participant chooses the most convenient session time to attend, signs on, and creates a personal avatar online. Day, night and weekend sessions are offered to be as flexible as possible. Participants can continue attending Nicotine Anonymous sessions as long as they wish after completing the eight-week program.

Smoking is harmful to your health and even raises your insurance premiums. Why not save money while you are saving your own life? Take the pledge to be tobacco free in 2013.

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