Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sobering Vacations

What do you do on a vacation? Many people’s answers are relax by the pool, take a walk down a beach, or eat at luxurious restaurants. But what do these have in common; did you have a drink in your hand?

People who are sober or recovering from alcohol or drug abuse now have excellent and well thought out vacation options, sobriety included.

Websites such as SVI (Sober Vacations International) have been in the “sober vacation” business for 25 years!  Every year they book people who initially were afraid to travel because of their sobriety, thinking a vacation might cause a relapse, to travel with others recovering from addictions.

"It felt a little bizarre initially, since our ski trips had always involved drinking at lunchtime as soon as we came off the slopes," said Sue. "But we were surrounded by other people in recovery, so there was no temptation to drink." says Sue in a CNN interview.

These “sober vacations” offer all the luxuries of normal vacations in exciting destinations except without the use of alcohol or drugs. The vacations can range from weekend trips, cruises, and longer week vacations. Many include speakers and guests who can help you along your path to sobriety.

I think sober traveling is an excellent option for singles, couples, and even families who have dealt with alcoholism and drug abuse. Not unlike AA meetings, you can meet and speak with people who have gone through the same struggles and share your experiences and sobriety.

What do you think of “sober vacations”? Would you ever go on one?

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-Maxwell Law

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